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2014 "May the 4th" Lucasfilm and Youtube Videos

May the 4th be with you!

In 2014, Lucasfilm and Youtube hired us to be a part of three new videos created by three top Youtube channels to promote "May the 4th."

They had a great concept: Provide three production companies with a beautiful set (created by Ryan Brett Puckett and his team!) and professional creatures and costumes by Tom Spina Designs and see what they can do in the Star Wars universe.

Over the course of a week, each crew came in for several days to shoot, and we greatly enjoyed working with the talented folks on all three teams! They all had great dedication to their crafts (and a real love for Star Wars!)

We had a lot of fun shooting these videos and always look forward to the chance to work on Star Wars projects!

Please watch the videos via links at the right and check out our photos from the set below those!


Our on-set crew of dressers, wranglers and makeup artists who made filming go so smoothly!  

Tom Spina

Brian Lewis

Patrick Louie

John Ciarlone

Casey Wong

Facebook gallery of Star Wars behind the scenes images
Weird Al, Ben Folds, Rick Springfield Star Wars spoof
Star Wars lightsaber cantina video
Kid History Star Wars cantina video Bored Shorts TV



We had a blast shooting this funny video with special guest stars - Ben Folds, Weird Al, Lisa Loeb,  Rick Springfield, Chris Daughtry, Jordin Sparks, Reggie Watts, Mark McGrath, Liz Phair and MC Chris!

Not enough for you? Check out the BONUS VIDEOS on College Humor's site!



With hundreds of thousands of subscribers, tens of millions of channel views, and a serious passion for all things Star Wars, Corey's talented crew was a natural fit for this May the 4th project! Their video is a saber fight through a crowded cantina, which meant lots of extras and aliens for us to dress!



Star Wars - Imagined by kids! Another video with lots of alien extras, this time with some added silly fun! The actors from Bored Shorts lip synced along with a soundtrack provided by young kids hilariously acting out the cantina scene in their own words!

They've also got a Behind the Scenes video!

The official Star Wars blog



Click below to read Tom's article about it on the official site!


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Some of the highly authentic Star Wars alien costumes and masks we created.

Dressing Ben Folds as a Stormtrooper for his "I killed an Ewok" song!

With the one and only Weird Al Yankovic! (Al's makeup by David Woodruff and Wayne Anderson)

Even American Idol's Jordin Sparks geeked out when she discovered the monster room!

Tom with Lisa Loeb! (3rd eye makeup by Woodruff and Anderson)

A pair of our faithful recreations of the cantina band from A New Hope.

Production was short extras so we got in on the act! You may spot Tom, Pat, Brian or John in the background of the videos!

Cast and crew after we wrapped on College Humor's shoot.

Greedo, played by Lucasfilm's Matt Martin, gets some air from Brian between takes.

We created the illusion of extra aliens without blowing the budget by swapping heads and costumes for the different shots.

Lisa Loeb (Stay) as an alien wearing special 3-eyed glasses!
custom star wars alien costume and latex rubber mask
custom sculpted star wars alien latex rubber mask and costume
custom sculpted star wars alien latex rubber mask and costume Rodian
Ben Folds from College Humor video
custom sculpted star wars alien latex rubber mask and costume
custom sculpted star wars alien latex rubber masks and costumes
custom sculpted star wars alien latex rubber masks and costumes
Weird Al in College Humor video
American Idol Jordin Sparks from College Humor video with our latex star wars rubber alien masks
custom sculpted star wars bith band alien latex rubber masks, instruments and costumes - Figrin D'an
custom star wars costume jacket