Bronze Bust Sculptures Tribute to Medical Physicists

Three bronze bust sculptures as tributes to honor physicists and their medical contributions for the AAPM

We were delighted to be commissioned to create these three bronze bust sculptures for the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, honoring three important figures in medical history: Edith Quimby, Marvin Williams and William Coolidge. As these were made to be displayed indoors, a faux bronze approach allowed our clients to get the most out of their budget. Rather than using actual bronze, each of these busts is cast in a resin material that’s finished with a realistic bronze style look. These keeps both the weight of the pieces and the ultimate cost down and is a great option for business or personal commissions.

Working from several vintage photos of each physicist, Steven Richter sculpted each life-sized tribute bust in water based clay. This process generally takes a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the likeness and the level of detail required in the sculpt. In this case, we aimed for a very classical style, as that helps give a bit of visual weight and importance to the finished artwork, something these subjects rightly deserve!

Once the sculptures were finished and approved by our client, we moved on to the molding process. This is where we capture the fragile clay sculpture in silicone and plaster. With the negative molds created from each, we were able to cast the three finished sculptures in a durable resin material, which is a bit like fiberglass. A laminated black wood base was created for each, and the finishing touch was a plaque with the honoree’s names and dates of birth and passing.

We were honored to be a part of this great tribute! If you have someone your organization would like to pay tribute to, we hope that you’ll drop us a line!

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