Robin Williams Tribute Sculpture and Bust

 A custom Robin Williams bust in tribute to the late actor

There are few actors whose influence is felt equally as strong by multiple generations. Once of these amazing artists is the late, great Robin Williams. You’ll be hard pressed to find any person who does not have a favorite Robin Williams performance whether it be comedy or drama.

Last year, we had the great honor of creating a custom life sized mannequin for Robin William’s costume from the film “What Dreams May Come” and we wanted to come up with a unique way to incorporate his face into the display. Through FX artist and life cast collector, William Forsche, we were able to source a wonderful original life cast of Williams.  In the life-sized face casting, his happy and serene facial expression just felt like the perfect way to honor him. Since the original life cast was only of his face, and not the whole head, sculptor Steven Richter had to do some hand sculpting to turn the plaster face cast into life sized bust.  Forsche agreed to our molding the piece to create a clay face.  Once in clay, we could sculpt the back of the head and add hair. We sculpted ears and fine tuned the neck.  Next up was blending off all of the textures and refining some of the facial details.

All of this work was initially performed to create our life sized figure of Williams. However, when looking at the completed sculpture, it felt as though it was always meant to be a tribute bust.  We reworked the collar slightly, so that it would work beautifully with a small wooden base and the result is the bust you see here.  We finished this copy in a faux plaster look, but it could look quite nice in a faux bronze or faux silver look as well.

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