Reproduction of a Fijian Totokia Warclub

A solid resin cast from a real Fijian warclub known as a totokia.

This replica Fijian warclub relic was cast in resin and molded from an original, hand-made wood weapon sourced from Fiji. It’s a great bit of polynesian or tiki decor and great start as a cosplay accessory.

The “pineapple” and shaft were molded separately to allow the pineapple end of the warclub to allow that part to be pressure cast so that it would be nearly bubble free. The shaft has a single seam on one side, and was cast with a dowel within for strength.   Once assembled, the totokia measures 34” long (not including the dowel).

The resin color was WHITE. The club was spray painted with a warm dark brown and brushed a thinned layer of a darker color over it for a bit of a wood grain look. 

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