Wolverine Claws – Themed Display for Hugh Jackman Props

A custom themed display for a screen used pair of Hugh Jackman’s Metal Wolverine Claws

One of the most popular superheroes in recent history has got to be Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Logan aka Wolverine. His appearances in the X-men films led to 3 eventual stand alone films and additional cameos. These screen used metal Wolverine claws were from the production of 2013’s “The Wolverine.” The claws were brought to us by client looking for a unique themed display for these iconic movie props.

When designing this display we discussed with the client, their favorite scenes and locations in the film, to use as inspiration. Since the film takes place in Japan, we came up with a design that combines a bit of Japanese architecture and decor. We sketched up a design and once we had the client’s approval we were able to get started on the build.

Using wooden slats and dowels we created the basic shape for the base. We also fabricated two upright pieces which were able to support the prop claws in a crossed position as a nod to the film’s poster. To create the backer we modified a shoji style room divider and mounted it to the base. To give the elements a cohesive look we painted all of the wood to match with a grayed-out distressed look. Using several shades and washes in various colors, our artists took what had been brand-new wood and added age and weathering. The key with type of distressing is to keep everything very organic and natural. The final element was a little bit of faux snow as a reference to one of the client’s favorite fight scenes. A custom metal printed plaque featuring the film’s logo gave the display a finished look and provided context for the props.

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