Life Size Statue – Daredevil Brewing Flying Man

A life size statue of a client’s classic Flying Man logo!

A theme park style logo statue for Daredevil Brewing company and a super fun sculpture!  We were asked to create a life size statue similar to a wax figure based on the logo for the company’s “Lift Off” beer.  The character is a classic, old-time adventurer/scientist in a zany steampunk style flying contraption.  We drew inspiration from Davinci and Darwin, but especially from the classic Disnelyland theme park animatronic sculptures created by the legendary Blaine Gibson.

Made to hang from the ceiling over the taproom at the company’s new brewery in Indiana, our custom statue of the Flying Man is a customized and heavily reinforced fiberglass mannequin body, with custom sculpted hands and head. The mannequin’s head features realistic hair and eyes, and captures a supremely fun expression. We were tasked to create “excitement, with a tinge of fear” and we think we nailed it!

The figure’s flying contraption was built in conjunction with our friends at Creative Models and Prototypes, and features a spinning blades and moving gears.  A life sized statue like this one could be used for your trade show booth, in a museum or to promote any business!  Or for those with a fun sense of decor, we can create wax museum figures for your home too!  We can work from your sketches or logo, or can be commissioned to dream up new concepts and characters just for you!

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