Paintball Blaster Props for the Star Wars Show

Paintball Blaster Props for an EA Battlefront 2 “In Real Life” Episode of The Star Wars Show!

After we had so much fun converting a t-shirt cannon into a Star Wars-style launcher weapon for our friends at The Star Wars Show, we were thrilled when they called us to create a dozen paintball guns that would fit in the Star Wars universe. These new paintball blaster props would be used in one of their most action-packed segments yet, where the team would play Battlefront 2 “in real life,” facing off with “rebels” at a paintball park!

Using twelve identical paintball guns, we set about making six for the Rebels and six for the Imperials (Inferno Squad, specifically!). Alongside Star Wars Show hosts Andi and Anthony were some of the actual stars of the game, including Janina Gavankar and T.J. Ramini (and some other special guests as well). Incredible costumes were provided by the famed 501st costuming group, and the gang suited up to face a scrappy band of rebels in Battlefront 2 style combat at a wonderfully themed paintball park.

For the Imperial blasters, we mimicked the classic E-11 blaster carried by Imperial Stormtroopers. The Rebel blasters were based on the DH-17, first seen in the hands of Princess Leia’s troops aboard the Tantive IV. Using a mix of plastic mass-produced elements and custom molded and cast resin pieces, we created the two styles of blasters.  Once assembled, we added Hollywood style paint and weathering, which is always the key to making a prop feel like something from our favorite movies… like a real blaster from the Star Wars universe.

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