Children of the Corn Hat Display

A custom one of a kind themed display for a Children of the Corn Isaac hat prop

This Children of the Corn Isaac hat prop was worn by John Franklin as the murderous cult leader in the 1984 Stephen King film where a young couple is trapped in a town run by a dangerous religious cult of children  that believes that everyone over age 18 must be killed. Decades later, the creepy child’s original hat has surfaced and came to our studio for an unusual display!

We discussed theming options with the client, and came up with the idea of using a custom sculpted bust of Isaac to display this costume piece. In order to keep the focus on the hat we decide to go with a classical style bust in a solid white color, this contrast really allowed the hat to pop!

For the likeness sculpture of Isaac, we went with a digitally sculpted and 3D printed approach instead of a traditional clay sculpture. This allowed us to test print the head at a few sizes and ensure a perfect fit for the hat. Digital artist Waruna Weligamage sculpted the head digitally, and once we and the client were happy with the sculpture, the bust was 3D printed in plastic.

From there, we actually removed the top of the head! We set the line where the hat would site and created a custom padded archival insert to safely support the hat over time. Whenever we create a display, we try to remember that it’s not just about the look. Our work has to protect and conserve the piece for years to come!

For the pedestal we took inspiration from the corn field and carved a custom pillar, which we wrapped in actual dried corn and twine to evoke the look of the corn crosses where the children sacrificed their victims! We also added a stunning custom metal printed plaque featuring the film’s bold red movie poster.

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