Star Wars Cantina Commercial – Costumes for Super Bowl Ad

Helping fill the bar at a Star Wars Cantina commercial for the Super Bowl!

Our alien masks and costumes help a return to the Mos Eisley cantina!  When Volkswagen followed up their wildly successful “Vader kid” commercial, they did it by taking their viewers into the Star Wars universe, revisiting the infamous bar from Episode IV with their Star Wars Cantina commercial for the Super Bowl in 2012.

In order to make that trip, they needed to stop off at Tom Spina Designs to help fill their Star Wars bar with creatures! 

Lucasfilm was able to provide the production with some of their prequel alien costumes, but our studio was called upon to recreate masks, hands and sometimes costume bodies for the “hero” characters, the recognizable aliens from the 1977 film.

On this page you’ll find a link to the commercial, a behind the scenes video and photos of the alien costumes and masks we created.  We finished everything with an eye for the added detail today’s HD sets will show, while still being true to the original creatures from 1977.

We created all of these pieces in a very short timeframe to meet the production’s deadline, just in time for the cantina band song to start up! If you’ve got a commercial or video to shoot and need aliens, monsters or creatures, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

The Cantina Creature Crew at TSD’s New York studio:

Tom Spina, Mike Thomas, Brian Lewis, Patrick Louie, Robb DeNicola, Richard Riley, Rich Krusell, Mike Morello,Melissa Dooley, Theresa Spina

The build was lightning fast and a true group effort… We hope everyone enjoyed the commercial (and the Super Bowl too!)

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Making our alien masks and costumes for this Star Wars Cantina commercial