Ann Wilson of Heart Costume Display

A customized mannequin with a museum style display and UV filtering case for a cape worn by Ann Wilson of Heart.

For this beautiful embroidered and embellished velvet cape, we wanted to create an equally elegant display. The cape was originally worn by Ann Wilson of Heart, on the band’s self titled album cover. This cape’s weight and length made creating a custom mannequin all the more important for this project. The custom mannequin form ensured that over time the cape is displayed beautifully and is well supported.

The client wanted the display to have a very sophisticated look so we chose a simple black laminate base with a large custom acrylic display case. We design each acrylic case with the specific client and costume in mind. For large, mannequin sized display cases like this one, lifting the cover off simply isn’t practical. As such, this large display case featured a clear door in the back which makes cleaning of the case or maintaining the costume easier.  The case was made from a UV filtering acrylic to help maintain this bit of Rock n Roll history for years to come.

In keeping with the sleek finish and also as a bit of an homage to the original album cover, we chose to add the black and white tiles in a checkerboard pattern. This subtle touch adds a nice nod to the classic photo where this cape was originally seen.  It’s now part of an impressive collection of music memorabilia, and the same client came to us earlier for a display for a display for Ann Wilson’s stage worn tunic.

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