Heart’s Ann Wilson Stage Worn Blouse Display

A  display for an Ann Wilson stage worn blouse, complete with a custom UV filtering acrylic case

A museum style display for an for a vintage blouse, worn the famed Heart lead singer in concert.  Much like many of the screen used movie wardrobe we display, this Ann Wilson stage worn costume piece is a very cool bit of history (Rock and Roll history in this case!).  We had great conversations with our client, discussing their needs and any specific desires for the display. We also discussed with them where they would be displaying this piece.  This allows us to not only make sure that the base and case will fit into their space, but also can help us in the design phase and when choosing materials. In this case, since the stage costume was going to be displayed in a room that was susceptible to sun and UV rays, we chose to go with a UV filtering acrylic case.  This will help the blouse resist fading and other damage over time.

To ensure a perfect fit we created an entirely customized mannequin.  This was modified from a standard female form for tweaks to pose and “attitude” (as anyone in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame needs a mannequin that has some attitude!) and fit.  We worked backwards from the sizing of the blouse, to ensure that the mannequin would not just match Ann Wilson’s size at the time of wear, but also nicely support and display the tunic for years to come.  Careful shaping and sculpting allows for just the right hang and drape.  In order to keep the focus on the tunic we chose to go with a minimalist (and unusual!) black and white mannequin.  The top is white, where bare skin would’ve shown, and the lower half is black, to give the visual impression of dark jeans or leather pants, rather than looking like a mannequin with no pants on!  Sometimes the small choices make a big impact.

We finished the display off with a sleek black laminate display pedestal with a lip built in to help keep the custom acrylic case in place.  Whether it’s movie history or rock and roll history, we’re here to help you display your cherished treasures!

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