Donnie Darko Frank Costume Mannequin & Case

Custom mannequin and large, UV filtering acrylic display case for the original Donnie Darko Frank costume.

Our client had the screen used Donnie Darko Frank costume and bunny mask and was looking for a sleek museum style display to show it off. In the film Donnie Darko played by Jake Gyllenhaal has visions of a rabbit called Frank the bunny, that no one else can see. It seems harmless until Frank starts manipulating Donnie to commit a series of crimes. The costume by itself is a cult classic… iconic and recognizable. Our client wanted to keep the focus of this display on the movie worn costume itself, so we went with a museum style look rather than something themed or more over the top.

We first began by creating a customized foam body to display the bunny costume.  Our goal was to get a custom mannequin to the same size and height as the actor who played Frank the Bunny.  The body actually has a bit of poseability, but in keeping with the museum style display, we kept the pose neutral, again, keeping the focus on the movie costume.  The loose fur costume drapes on the mannequin the same way it did when actor James Duvall wore the rabbit originally.  The next step was to fit the Frank the bunny mask into the display.  The movie mask is a mix of a soft fur hood and a more rigid “rabbit mask” and this made for a bit of a front heavy set up. We modified the mannequin’s head slightly to better support that and then we moved to the custom acrylic display case.  The display was finished off with a giant, custom UV filtered OP-3 acrylic display case that was more than 7 feet tall.  The end result is the perfect museum style display for a very recognizable costume and a unique piece of horror history!

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