Scream 4 Ghostface Killer Costume Display

Do you like scary movies? Then you’ll love our Scream 4 Ghostface costume display

The Ghostface Killer made his first appearance in Wes Craven’s 1996 classic slasher film Scream, and has been terrorizing Sidney Prescott, played by Neve Campbell ever since. This Ghostface costume came to us, when one of our clients was looking for a killer gift (pun absolutely intended) for her husband. They were looking for a custom mannequin with a dynamic pose but a very minimalistic base for the screen used costume and mask, along with a prop knife that was also used in the film.

When making a “killer lunging at you going stabby-stabby” display, you don’t just go to the mannequin store and find that. Many of our projects involve creating custom posed and sized mannequins to match costumes and characters from movies we love. We started with fit, and creating a customized mannequin allowed us to ensure that the garment and the potentially fragile mask were well supported and properly drape. We then customized the pose of the mannequin, because again, strangely enough standard retail mannequins don’t come in a stabbing pose, go figure. Once the body pose was finished we created a custom right hand so that it could safely hold the screen used knife. It’s important to make sure that a mannequin is sturdy enough to hold all of the elements of a costume and doing so in a way that also protects the costume.

Since the costume did not include any shoes or pants we opted to paint them solid black. This created a very soft and subtle transition from the costume to the base, and allowed the costume to remain the focus of the display. We finished the display with a full color custom printed metal plaque featuring the film’s logo.

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