Themed Displays for Captain America Costumes

We could make displays like this all day! Our themed displays for a pair of screen used Captain America costumes – Steve Rogers & a HYDRA Soldier!

Our entire studio are huge Marvel fans so when this pair of Captain America costumes was brought to us to create a one of a kind display we were thrilled! The client was looking for a unique way to display this that allowed him the flexibility to have them displayed together or separately. Luckily we were very familiar with the Captain America costume from a previous display we created for another prop collector. That said, these costumes were made for very muscular actors and took quite a bit of work to get just the right fit and pose.

We discussed all of the different options for a display always taking into account budget, a client’s preferences, and most importantly what is best for the costume in the long run and any particulars like heavy accessories. If that is not a main focus at every step, you can end up with a display that won’t hold up, or worse, one that can actually cause damage to the costume over time.

Both figures started with a basic blank body form and then each was completely customized to fit the individual costume. The HYDRA Soldier needed to be able to safely support a pack and large, heavy gun, and the Steve Rogers figure needed to be able to hold a gun as well as his signature shield. 

As an added feature we were able to source a 3D scan of actor Chris Evans which was modified digitally to soften the features to a “mannequin” level. This captured the look of the actor and character, but kept the head from distracting from the original movie costume. A solid black color for each figure give things a clean and classy look. The custom fiberglass bodies were fabricated by Pierre Briel in our NY studios, and if you look at the before and after images, it almost looks like Steve’s mannequin took the super-soldier serum! This project really shows the benefits of going with a custom mannequin vs. the off-the-shelf retail mannequin options.

To add some theming to the displays, we created a pair of custom sculpted interlocking bases, that could be displayed together or apart. For the design we took inspiration from the WWII battle field around HYDRA’s secret bases. Patrick Louie sculpted these bases with hand carved faux stones, dirt and grass for an organic feel. All of our hand-finishing and work ultimately created a true one-of-a-kind display for each of these beautiful film used costumes!

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