Ex Machina Ava Costume Display

A custom mannequin to display an original Ex Machina Ava costume

Some of the coolest work we get to do is creating custom body forms for original costumes worn in our favorite movies. Our team created this custom mannequin to display an original Ex Machina Ava costume worn by actress Alicia Vikander in the clever, Alex Garland 2014 sci-fi film, which was a favorite of many of the crew here. This deceptively simple costume presented a few unique challenges along the way, but the finished figure creates the ultimate display for this movie-used costume!

One really unique thing about this particular custom mannequin project is that the customer provided us not only with Ava’s costume, but also her silicone face! We debated working the face into the figure, but in discussing concepts with our client, inspiration struck by way of the moment where Ava contemplates her own face hanging on a wall. We tried a few variations with that look, but ultimately went for something a bit more “Darwin’s Ape” where she’s holding her own face, contemplating her “humanity.”

The costume was a complete bodysuit and hood, though, in the film, parts of the actress were replaced with mechanical elements via computer generated wizardry. The costume’s skin-tight nature meant our custom body form would need to be flawless. Pierre Briel crafted the fiberglass body form, ensuring the right pose, size, fit and form. Capturing the Alicia Vikander’s physique, as well as a sense of the character, while allowing the figure to be dressed without undue stress on the movie wardrobe was its own challenge.

For the silicone face, we created a rigid understructure to support that stunningly realistic prop. We also worked out a means of securing that into the hand of the figure. The result is Ava gazing into her own face! A faceless head form and simple black base help push our work to the background, allowing the movie costume to be the star of this unique display!

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