Humphrey Bogart Costume Display

A life-sized display, a custom mannequin and themed display for a screen worn Humphrey Bogart costume from the film Dark Passage!

We were brought this incredible, original Humphrey Bogart costume from the 1947 Bogart and Bacall classic, Dark Passage and tasked with dreaming up a display worthy of this bit of film history. Our favorite style for something like this is a careful blend of clean and theme. We want a crisp, simple display for the garment, being sure the screen used wardrobe is well supported and drapes nicely, but also want to add some context to the display (and dare we say it, just a bit of fun).

For that context, we brought in two strong visual elements – a recreation of the bandage mask Bogart wears in the film, and the location – San Quentin prison! The mask was fabricated in fabric pieces, layered to match the wrappings in the film. The base was made the way we create theme props for events and decor, it was carved by hand from EPS foam, then detailed with a stone style texture. From there, it was hardcoated with a resin spray coat and hand painted to look like aged stone blocks. A faux bronze plaque was laser-cut in layers, hand painted and applied to the base as a finishing touch.

Our client provided the original dark blue striped suit Bogart wore in the film, along with a proper styled shirt and tie to complete the display. Like all of our custom mannequins, this was reverse engineered to fit the garment. We start with a standard fiberglass form and then work out the proper sizing to ensure a stress free fit and great draping. Since there were no shoes or gloves to display, we replaced the mannequin’s feet with posts and removed the hands. This creates a great museum feel to the figure. It’s always amazing to work with vintage wardrobe, but when you’re handling a Humphrey Bogart costume, that’s true film history! We were honored to help display and preserve this amazing item!

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