Groucho Marx Costume Display Form

A custom half-mannequin for a Groucho Marx costume jacket from A Night at the Opera

Not every project that comes through is a modern super-hero or some sci-fi or horror monster! Sometimes, a bit of classic Hollywood comes through! We work with collectors and auction houses from around the world and our displays range the gamut of styles and genres. This iconic, screen worn Groucho Marx costume tailcoat came to us shortly after auction to be mounted on a custom form.

A standard mannequin was too large and stressing the the vintage jacket worn by Groucho as Otis B Driftwood in the Marx Brothers classic film “A Night at the Opera.” A custom form would allow us to match the actor’s body type, and create a display that supported the costume piece without stress and with a great drape.

This project began like all others, with an in depth discussion with our client to hear their hopes for the display, how much space they had to devote and their budget, etc. After discussing several options we settled on a minimalistic black, headless mannequins rather than realistic sculpted actors or anything too much like a wax figure. For screen used costumes like this, that’s often what we recommend, as realistic heads can sometimes distract from the costume.

We created a custom body form to fit the jacket perfectly, which will not only help to display the piece. But will help protect and support the piece for years to come. We finished the display with a carved and stained wooden base for a sophisticated look. The final result is a simple and elegant display for a costume that would never fit a standard retail mannequin.

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