Lady Deathstrike Costume Display and Themed Base

An original Kelly Hu Lady Deathstrike costume custom mannequin with a themed display base.

Our client asked us to create a custom mannequin and display for this screen used Lady Deathstrike costume from X Men 2, X Men United. This costume was worn by Kelly Hu’s character Lady Deathstrike during her epic (and final!) battle with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. The corseted top features several “claw marks” from the punctures made by Wolverine’s iconic claws during the fight to the death.

We decided to complement the screen worn movie wardrobe with a black custom mannequin to keep in the same sleek theme of her costume as a white one might create too stark a contrast. We made sure the form’s pose had a bit of style to give it some character.  The fiberglass mannequin was then modified to fit the costume properly, and better capture the actress’ measurements.  We often work backwards from costumes, using measurements and careful fit tests to achieve a form that makes the costume look great and wrap just right. Lastly, we sourced a pair of boots that closely matched her original prop boots in the film to complete this X-men movie costume display.

To make this custom mannequin into a more complete display, we also took inspiration from the epic battle scene when it came time to design the base. We chose to go with an industrial style tiled theme that was faux painted to give the dingy, moldy look of the underground bunker used by General Styrker. For one last little nod to the X-2 film, we added three claw marks that cut right through the tiles, giving the sense that Wolverine had just missed her in the fight!

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