Men in Black Alien Custom Mannequin

Gentle restoration and display of an original Men in Black alien tourist costume from the 2002 sequel.

Our client picked up these original Men in Black alien tourist costume elements from the Prop Store’s Rick Baker: Monster Maker auction. This alien was referred to as the Tourist Mom Alien and was part of a family of costumed aliens seen at MIB headquarters.  We received her foam latex  arms, legs and mechanized head with underskull.  We were asked to create a custom mannequin to support these unusual movie props and then create any missing costume elements, to complete this into a life sized statue of the MIB character.  One of the interesting challenges with her movie costume is the oversized shape of her torso and body. When creating the mannequin to display these costume parts, we had to custom fabricate a sculpted foam torso of enormous proportions.

The screen used foam latex movie props were in very good condition and needed little restoration. We first sealed the foam to help preserve it for the future. At the request of the client we addressed a few minor areas with minor paint touch ups to any areas where the paint had flaked away.  She was, however, missing her intergalactic  MuMu shirt and spacey painted vest, both of which we created to complete her statue.  The finished custom mannequin included giant sized rubber shoes, rolled down knee-high stockings and a gold-like chain with button clasps holding her custom painted vest together, just like in the movie.  The large alien statue was displayed on a custom white laminate base, inspired by the space-age circular wall decor elements at MIB Headquarters in the film.

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