Display of one of the Men in Black 2 Worm Aliens

A custom display and restoration of one of the Men in Black 2 Worm aliens.

To create the rowdy group of worm aliens several types of puppets were created by Rick Baker’s Cinovation Studios, depending on what each scene called for. This movie prop puppet was either a carry or rod puppet which meant that his body was intentionally loose and wiggly, much like, well… a worm!  This created a bit of a unique challenge when it came to displaying the worm guy alien. In order to get him to stand we strategically mounted small hooks into the spine and hips of the figure to help get him into a standing position without putting any stress on his small and fragile foam latex legs.  

For the most part the puppet was in fair condition but he had some areas which needed some attention especially around the joints. This is not uncommon for screen used puppets because the movement of the joints can put extra stress on the surrounding material. We repaired those areas where the foam latex skin was missing and repainted only those patches to match the surrounding areas of worm-guy skin texture and coloring.

For the movie prop’s display we decided to use the worm aliens’ swinging New York apartment as the inspiration. We recreated the exact pattern of the 60’s inspired wall paper. We sourced a very modern looking, circular table, which we modified so it would sit flush against the backdrop as well as to help decrease the overall footprint of the display. To finish off the look we added shag carpeting and a twister spinner as a nod to one of the fans’ favorite scenes in the movie!  As always, we’re honored to help preserve and display pieces of movie and makeup effects history!

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