Necromonger Armor Costume Display Mannequin

A custom mannequin for a screen used set of Necromonger armor from The Chronicles of Riddick.

Our client came to us with a full set of Necromonger armor from The Vin Diesel movie Pitch Black’s sequel, The Chronicles of Roddick. The necromongers are an army trying to kill or convert all of the humans in the universe, but not if Vin Diesel’s character Riddick has anything to say about it. Our client was looking for a display which would represent the film the costume was used in.

The necromongers’ armor costume much like any set of armor is comprised of layers upon layers of different pieces.  Even though the pieces weren’t metal, the rubber and fiberglass they were made of still had some weight to it.  This meant that the mannequin had to be not only the correct size for the costume but had to be robust and sturdy enough to hold up the weight of the armor pieces. Dressing mannequins in more rigid costumes like this also can come with challenges that didn’t exist when dressing a person.  A real person has the ability bend and twist in ways that a mannequin never could. So even dressing the mannequin is a well thought out process, and each one is unique.

The client also wanted a themed display base, so we took inspiration from the surface of the planet, Crematoria. The hand carved foam base looks like the planet’s rocky surface with small rivers of lava running through it. Once carved the base was hard coated for durability and then hand painted. The base is finished with a full color metal plaque.  And for those interested in buying your own Necromonger Armor costume, check out our friends at Prop Store!

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