Michael Myers Halloween Clown Costume Display

A custom mannequin to display a Michael Myers clown costume from Rob Zombie’s Halloween II movie.

This Michael Myers clown costume came to us for display because the original mannequin it was being displayed on was too small and not 100% stable. Usually when we create display mannequins for Michael Myers costumes from the Rob Zombie movies, they are very large, with the actor towering at around 6’8″. This display was a very different experience!

To start the project we worked with a teen-sized body form which fit the costume reasonably well. From there, we modified the form to fit the movie costume perfectly. Creating a customized mannequin gave us a great to work with and allowed us to ensure that the garments were well supported and properly draped. For the hands we started with a pair of standard mannequins, modifying the left one so that it could hold the replica knife. Then both hands were given a realistic paint job.

For the base Pat created a section of wood flooring which was sanded and painted to look like the floor of the Myers’ family home. The finishing touch for any Halloween inspired display is a liberal amount of blood splatter! FX paint that look like real blood was applied to the base, hands, replica knife and replica sneakers. The replica Michael Myers mask ensures that there is no question what film this costume is from!

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