Star Trek Peter Preston Costumes Display

Custom display  for a pair of Star Trek Peter Preston costumes

A custom display for a pair of Star Trek Peter Preston costumes worn by Ike Eisenmann as Scotty’s nephew in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn. Our client had both his radiation suit from before the attack on the Enterprise and also the suit showing the battle damage and wanted an interesting way to display the two uniforms together.

We discussed the project in detail with the client, talking about their hopes for the display, how much space they had to devote and their budget, etc. We wanted to come up with a unique way to display the two of them together so we turned to the film. Tom suggested taking the iconic image of Scotty cradling the body of his injured nephew and use that as our inspiration.  The client loved the concept.

As always, we wanted the focus to remain on the costume pieces. The client also had several other costume displays that they wanted to match the style to, so we chose to create minimalistic black, headless mannequins rather than realistic sculpted actors or anything too much like a wax figure.

But making the mannequin minimalistic, did not make this project easy! We had to create a custom, fiberglass mannequin which could not only support the weight of the the costume, but could support the weight of another mannequin. In order to keep the weight down on the battle damaged mannequin we created that as a bendable foam body mannequin, which also helped us recreate the body position. The actor’s shorter stature was a challenge and required each figure to be heavily customized for height, waist/chest size and arm length.  Working backwards from the costume sizing, we were able to create custom mannequins that perfectly fit this pair of engineering suits from the movie.

To give the base a little bit of theming we went with a simple black laminate base to which we added a silver grid for just a hint of the engineering room walkway look.  The end result is a truly unique display of two rare costumes from the movie! We’re always excited to boldly go into the Star Trek universe. Click here to see even more of our Star Trek movie prop and costume displays and restorations.

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