T2 T1000 Movie Costume Custom Mannequin

Our themed custom mannequin to display an original T2 T1000 movie costume worn in the classic sci-fi action film!

The client provided us with the screen used T2 T1000 movie costume including the trousers, shirt with “liquid metal” bullet wounds, and even the chrome shoes. They also had a production made life sized bust of Robert Patrick and provided us with a reproduction helmet, badge and sunglasses. They were looking to create a custom display mannequin to show off their costume in a way that evoked a classic scene in the film and we took those costume pieces out of storage and got them properly on display!

We wanted to give this life sized mannequin a sense of motion, as though he was being shot in the shoulder (where a large splash of “liquid metal” was placed on the shirt).  We created a mannequin with a arched back and one of his shoulders father back than the other due to the force of the “bullet hit”. We then mounted the production created bust to custom mannequin and with added helmet and chrome sunglasses, he’s instantly recognizable as Robert Patrick’s classic T1000 character!  We painted the mannequin’s hands to match the faux chrome head and shoes for a seamless look.

The costume pieces are now a life sized statue!  We completed the display with a custom black laminate base with two puddles of “liquid metal” which were painted to match the chrome elements of the figure. We also added, per the client’s request, a television screen with faux bullet holes to show clips of the character in the film.  If you’ve got a costume and want the ultimate display for it, you know who to call!

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