Terminator 3 Costume Custom Display & Themed Base

A custom display mannequin with themed base for an screen used Terminator 3 costume from Rise of the Machines.

Our client reached out to us to create a completely custom display for an original Terminator 3 costume worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger  in the film. They had his complete film wardrobe including his gloves, jacket and glasses and wanted to create a life sized wax museum style statue for the costume.

We started with a resin head which was sourced from a digital scan of Arnold’s head that was created for the film. We can create all sorts of realistic head sculptures in materials like resin, latex or silicone, depending on the client’s preference and budget.  In this case, the production link of the 3-D scanned resin head made perfect sense.  We then added custom glass eyes and hand laid hair for a more realistic look. We also realistically painted the head and added cuts and scars with flashes of his silver under skeleton showing through.

We finished up the life sized movie costume display with a custom themed base. We started with several T800 model kit heads which we “destroyed” and distressed, to give them a more battle worn. We also added a faux dirt top layer to the base to look like scorched earth and the scene of a massive future war. When the figure was complete, Arnold stood before us on a base with endoskeletons were buried in the dirt!  (He did tell us he’d be back!)

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He said he'd be back! See what happened to our heroes after Terminator 2!

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