Terminator Costume Display Mannequin and Themed Base

An wax style figure of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his screen worn Terminator costume.

We turned this original Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator costume used in the movie Terminator 2, Judgement Day into a hyper-realistic life-sized statue with an amazing themed base! The incredible silicone head was created by sculptor Howard Senft. His work on the hand punched hair and custom glass eyes helped us to turn this statue into a figure you might see in a wax museum. Beneath the silicone skin or metalized “endoskeleton” skull bits showing through for the ultimate realism.

The mannequin began as a casting of Arnold’s body from the movie Jingle All the Way.  The fiberglass form was modified by Tom Spina and Mike Thomas for this display.  While the screen used costume was quite complete, including the faux leather pants, leather jacket, shirt and even boots and gloves, we did source a few appropriate replica pieces to complete the display.  We found the proper wounded chest and knee sections, modifying and finishing those with paint and detailing to help visually complete the display and turn it into the ultimate life-sized Arnold statue.

TSD sculptor Richard Riley created the themed base, which makes the figure look like it was plucked right from the screen! The base is carved to look like the Terminator is standing on a pile of rubble complete with a light up T800 endoskeleton skull and parts of endo-arms and other debris.  The base is made from layers of hand carved foam, hard coated for durability and realistically painted to look like concrete and rock. We also added a small LCD screen so our client could play video from the film.

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