Thirteen Ghosts Torn Prince Custom Mannequin & Costume Display

Thirteen Ghosts Torn Prince custom mannequin – turning a movie costume into a wax museum figure!

This began as a complete original costume and several production-made foam latex prosthetics.  Robb DeNicola sculpted a head made to perfectly fit the foam latex props and resemble the actor.  Tom Spina’s application of the makeup appliances and paint and hand laid hairwork made this gruesome head come (back) to life!  A custom posed mannequin and original movie prop bat make this statue a menacing display!  We have created a number of incredible life-sized wax museum style statues to display original movie prop costumes from the 2001 movie, Thirteen Ghosts.  In the movie, each ghost had a unique look and bold style.  A quick glance at one of them would likely tell you how they lived, or how they died!  The  Thirteen Ghosts Torn Prince was a baseball star who was killed in a car accident. His custom mannequin brings to life (or afterlife!) his character from the film!

For these displays, we combine sculpture and custom mannequins to enhance the costumes we were provided. Each statue features a custom sculpted head and customized mannequin to properly fit and support the specific movie costume.  The final results are lifelike statues that are loaded with character for our client’s home theater.

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A few words from our client…

“Man, I’m totally speechless!! I’m one happy camper right now… I just don’t even know what to say…you have me so excited with the work…it truly is special to me now and I’m sure it will stay with me for quite sometime…

I really thank you for your hard work and all the time and patience you had with me, as you said about me…i feel you are a top notch guy!!  You are very fair, understanding and a great artist.  thanks again so much!”

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