The Wolfman 2010 Life Sized Costume Display

A realistic, life sized movie display for a wolf man costume from The Wolfman 2010 as worn by Benicio Del Toro.

It’s a great day when you can work on an Oscar-winning costume! The makeup effects team on The Wolfman 2010 (led by Rick Baker and Dave Elsey) won the Oscar for best achievement in makeup for their work on the film.

The foam latex wolf costume itself is a work of art and the client felt that the main character of The Wolfman 2010 deserved the ultimate display. We were provided the tattered wardrobe worn by Benicio Del Toro and a fur and foam muscle body suit with hands,that was worn in stunt scenes.

We first created a custom mannequin to support and display the werewolf body suit and wardrobe. We then began sculpting the missing feet using photos  to ensure that our recreations would match the feet from the original films. We then sculpted new werewolf claws for both the feet and the hands since the ones from the original costume were missing as well. The claws were cast in translucent two-tone material, to give a more realistic appearance. Once the werewolf feet were cast in foam-filled latex and painted, we began the process of hair punching . Hand punching each hair one at a time was a time consuming process but it was necessary to blend in with the quality of the incredible screen used costume for this display.

We knew from the beginning that this project would require a hyper-realistic silicone head. So while we worked on the body of the Wolfman we reached out to a frequent TSD collaborator, Rich Krusell and his team at Gotham FX.  He, along with Paul J Mason, Jeff Silberstein and Rufus Hearn, helped us to create this amazing recreation of Rick Baker’s unbelievable make up from the film.  When all of the pieces were put together we had a life sized display that looked like a statue… like the Wolfman himself had lept off the screen.

Special thanks to Rick Baker, Dave Elsey, Mike Hill and the rest of the talented crew on the Wolfman 2010 for their amazing work and all the inspiration!

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