Acrylic Helmet Stand for a The Black Hole Helmet

Custom designed acrylic helmet stand for a Captain S.T.A.R. helmet from The Black Hole.

This screen used Captain S.T.A.R. helmet from The Black Hole required a custom designed acrylic helmet stand for its unique shape and material. The Black Hole is a sci-fi Disney film from 1979.  Although the helmet looks like something that would be made of a rigid plastic or metal, this helmet was actually made of a thick, flexible rubber material. This flexibility made it important to create a helmet display stand that supported the movie prop with out putting any pressure or stress on it.

To help the bib keep its shape and take some of the pressure off of the neck of the mask we designed a custom half cylinder acrylic support with a stand and had that fabricated at full size.  With a flexible helmet it was important not to simply use a singular center post because that could become a pressure point and cause damage over time. When dealing with movie props and costumes made from flexible materials, you need to be careful to minimize that sort of pressure and create stands that support the piece in multiple places (like the head and shoulders) to help ease the stress of gravity. For this helmet stand we created a custom insert help the helmet keep its shape (This insert had a post which slid into the custom base making removal easy) and supported the bib with the acrylic half-cylindar shape.

The result is a clean and classy museum style display that will also help preserve the movie prop mask’s shape and material for years to come!

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A few words from our client…

Hi Tom. Package arrived today !! I am thrilled. The photos don’t do it justice, the display is fantastic and has a very solid feel to it, which is exactly what I was hoping for… You did a great job! Thanks for everything.


Darren Simpson- Private Collector