Batman Returns Penguin Makeup Acrylic Case

A beautiful custom acrylic display case for Danny Devito Batman Returns Penguin makeup appliances.

The Batman Returns Penguin makeup which got Stan Winston, Ve Neill and makeup artist Ronnie Specter nominated for an Oscar transformed comedic actor Danny Devito into the terrifying Batman villain.  When we received these Batman Returns Penguin foam latex makeup props, they arrived with a production made clear plastic vacuform life cast of actor Danny Devito’s face.  Since the best way to support prosthetic appliances is on the face of the actors they were sculpted on, this was a huge help to us in our display process. We were able to use an acrylic rod stand to turn the life cast into the centerpiece of this Batman movie props display. We then created a pair of custom foam supports to help the foam latex hand/fin prosthetics keep their shape overtime. We also outfitted them with clear acrylic rod risers to mimic the style of the face display.

We decided to go with a round base, so that we could mimic the look of The Penguin’s (and director Tim Burton’s) signature black spiral umbrella. We created “ribs” coming from the center of the circle and painted the classic spiral shape on that.  For the platform of the base we went with a dark stone look reminiscent of Gotham (and perhaps the film Penguin’s home in the sewers).  We also added a custom, full color metal plaque to the front of the display as well as a pair of photos of Devito, during the makeup process and in the film. The finishing touch, is a beautiful clear acrylic display case, custom made in a cylindrical shape.

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