Blade 2 Prop Pistols Display

A custom display for a pair of  Blade 2 movie prop pistols

This latest update is our showcase for a pair Blade 2 movie prop pistols used in the 2002 Guillermo del Toro film. The classic Marvel character used this style pistol in the film and these detailed hard-rubber stunt pistols came to us in beautiful condition. Our client wanted our of our signature themed displays for them, to give the props a bit of context and even more presence.

As always, we start with a conversation with our client and get an understanding of their hopes and expectations. We talk about style and, in this case, with the direction given of a themed display, we discussed possible inspiration. The client provided a still from the film with Wesley Snipes as Blade holding two pistols like the movie props we were provided, in a sewer surrounded by hungry, deadly Reapers.  We love the balance of metal and stone, and using the sewer scene as our starting point, we created a simple sketch laying out the prop guns in a way that would showcase both sides of the detailed props, a plaque and even included some of the vampire glyphs from the series of films based on the Marvel comic.

Patrick Louie created the display shown here. The themed “stone” section was actually hand sculpted in rigid foam and epoxy, then coated with a flexible surface for additional texture and durability. Pat hand painted these elements with layers of distressing to create the appearance of realistic aged and damaged cement. Custom metal and wood mounts hold movie prop pistols securely, while added padding and lining help conserve the pieces and avoid any paint transfer.

A full-color metal plaque with an image of the scene which inspired our work adorns the lower right corner and completes the display of these incredible movie prop pistols from Blade II!

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