Themed Display for Saw VI prop

A themed wall display for a screen used Saw VI prop

One of our clients reached out to us looking for a themed display for this original Saw VI prop head trap. When discussing display options with each client not only do we consider the type of display and budget, but we also discuss where they are looking to display their props and what kind of space they have to devote to their collection. With this client, space was at a premium when it came to their collection so we were tasked to come up with a way to add themed elements while keeping the size of the display compact.

The final design was a wall hanging display inspired by the horrific trap from the film, with a custom printed full-color plaque. Patrick Louie was our lead artist on this display. We started by creating a wooden backer out of slats of wood, which were given a rustic treatment with heavy artificial aging and distressing. Over that we mounted a metal grid similar to the cages the characters were trapped within. To support the head trap prop, we fabricated a custom hanger, which would show off the item but, more importantly, provide support for it and secure it in place.

We wanted all of the elements of the display to feel very creepy and organically distressed, like the sets and locations you would see in the Saw films. So all of the pieces were given different layers of paint in a variety of shades and washes to mimic rust, grime, and blood splatter. To finish the display we added a bold, full-color custom printed plaque featuring the movie’s logo, the prop’s description and a screen grab showing the movie prop being used in the film to give the whole display a bit of context.

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