Child Grinch Bust – Prop Appliance Display

A custom display bust made for original prop Grinch facial appliances from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Just in time for the holidays! If you’ve enjoyed our other Grinch movie prop displays and restoration projects, no doubt you’ll like this mean one too! One of our clients brought us a set of production made child Grinch facial appliances as well as a rigid foam life cast of actor Josh Ryan Evans and was looking to have them assembled into something to display among his movie prop collection from the film. The result is a lifesized child Grinch bust that looked like it came right off the screen!

 Each of the appliances were mounted to the bust individually, much like they would have been applied by Rick Baker’s team on set of the Ron Howard modern classic. Restoration artist Maria Teran blended the edges and seams to become virtually invisible and prepped the piece for paint. Then the bust was given a base coat of the Grinch’s signature green color. To give the Grinch’s skin its realistic look, we used the same techniques as the film crew did, with several layers of hand and airbrush paint. Tom and Samantha Martino used subtle layers of several tones achieve a realistic look.

The child Grinch bust previously had a bit of National Fiber Tech hair applied by another artist. We did a bit of a restyle to help it capture the look from the film. We also modified the hairline, with Samantha hand laying additional hair which was custom blended to complement the existing hair. We finished the bust with a custom set of long eyelashes and hand laid curly eyebrows, which are a challenge unto themselves! The client was thrilled with the final work and we’re excited to have his little Grinch home for the holidays!

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