Drag Me to Hell Mrs. Ganush Puppet Display

A custom display for a screen used Drag Me to Hell Mrs. Ganush puppet from the 2009 film.

In the film Drag Me to Hell, Mrs. Ganush is an elderly gypsy who places a curse on the film’s protagonist using a cursed button. Our client had this very realistic silicone movie prop puppet of Mrs. Ganush, which was used in some scenes to give the appearance that her head and neck could spin around in a supernatural way.  When the prop arrived in our NY studio she was missing her eyes and our client wanted to complete her arms so she could be displayed holding the cursed button (and staring into your soul!)

Her eyes where an interesting challenge because each one had to be custom created, as they didn’t match each other. Using references photos from the film we commissioned a custom pair with one normal eye and one demonic one. We then mounted the eyes and sculpted in the eyelids to seamlessly blend in with the puppet as if they had been there all along.

The original puppet prop was only featured from the chest up in the film so the arms were incomplete, stopping just below the elbow. So we modified the arms so that one of she could hold the “cursed button” in the display. We also completed the other arm and added a pair of distressed gloves to match her look in the film. To finish the display we added  a simple black wooden base with a custom designed metal plaque. When she arrived at her final resting place our client added a replica jacket and head scarf to really bring the display to life!

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A few words from our client…

She’s back home!

Had I not been involved in the process, I could never have believed that this…. [image from before our work] Is now this..[image of the finished product]. Once again (and I truly hope I don’t sound like a broken record here) you guys have completely outdone yourselves. She looks fantastic. She turned out better than I could have ever imagined.