Mrs Doubtfire Painted Makeup Display

Dude looks like a lady! A fully painted display bust of Robin William’s Mrs. Doubtfire makeup appliances.

One of our clients found two complete sets of production made Mrs. Doubtfire makeup appliances.  For this second set the client wanted to create a more screen accurate representation of the make up, including a full, realistic face paint up.  The process began much the same way as the unpainted display bust we created. We applied the foam latex facial appliances to a full head Robin Williams lifecast (again, provided by William Forsche). Once all of the pieces were applied and the edges were blended we began painting. First the entire bust is covered in a base tone to keep everything evenly colored. Then we went in with several colors and painting techniques to crete the look of real aged skin. We also added hand laid hair eyebrows  and eyelashes for another level of realism.

This amazing age make up was used to transform Robin Williams into one of his most beloved characters. The make up which was designed by Greg Cannom was actually 8 separate foam latex pieces, not 1 mask as the move made it seem. It took make up artist Ve Neill more than 4 hours to apply everyday. The multiple pieces were time consuming to apply but they allowed Williams to give more facial expressions they he would ever have been able to give in a mask.

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Robin Williams in one of his best comedic roles. If you haven't seen it you're missing out!

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