Pet Sematary Prop Cat Puppet Display

Sometimes dead is better.  A custom display for an original Pet Sematary prop cat puppet used in the movie.

One of our clients was looking for a way to display their Pet Sematary prop cat puppet. Pet Sematary is based off of the novel by Stephen King and tells the story of the Creed family. They have just moved into a house in the country, with a mysterious cemetery in the woods behind the house. At first they think it is a blessing but sometimes dead is better.  The puppet shown here is “Church” the family’s cat that helped them discover the magical powers of that “Sematary.”

This cat puppet was in fairly good condition when he arrived in our NY studio, especially considering his age. We did some slight repair work including repositioning his ears so they stood up where they used to be. We were able to use a pre-existing hole in the puppet for 0ur support post.

We created a custom wood base which looks much like the famous, misspelled, sign from the film. We aged the wood and distressed the ends so that the sign looked like it belonged on an ancient burial ground.  We love finding inspiration from the films to create themed displays for the movie props that come into our studio!

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This horror film based on the novel Stephen King, shows that somethings are better left dead.

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