Tom Talks Cantina Details on Blast Points Podcast

Tom was a special guest on Blast Points Podcast talking in detail about the Star Wars Cantina and much more!

This week, Tom joined Jason & Gabe on Blast Points Podcast for an in depth, funny, FUN chat about nerdy Star War stuff. I don’t think we can say it better than the hosts themselves, so here’s their blurb about the episode:
“This week Jason & Gabe are joined by a very special guest, the one & only mastermind of Regal Robot, Tom Spina Designs and the Keeper of The Cantina Aliens, Tom Spina! Together they have an epic laughter filled talk about all the exciting stuff that’s new with Tom and share an EXCLUSIVE REGAL ROBOT COUPON CODE FOR MAY THE 4th! After that, they go over some of the finer details of the Cantina, the UK Uglies, Little Aunt Beru, the mysterious humans of Jabba’s Palace, how to keep it together in the Lucasfilm Archives, and yes, MUFFTAK IN PANTS!
PLUS : there is a wild round of rapid fire questions that delves into talk of the first two Motley Crue albums and naturally the “backwards and forwards” guy in Jabba’s tail!!

So go get your magic fountain, put on KISS makeup and celebrate the love with BLAST POINTS!”
Check out the full video chat at any of the links below!

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