Tom & Regal Robot coming to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim!

Tom’s coming to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim with our sister company, Regal Robot!

Star Wars Celebration is right around the corner and in addition to Tom being a guest speaker on panels, you’ll find our crew at 2518 with our sister company, Regal Robot, showcasing some amazing new creations and offering some great exclusive pieces for the show!

EXCLUSIVES AVAILABLE IN PERSON and ONLINE MAY 26-29th – We’ve developed three great new decor pieces for the show. Fans can choose from the Blue Harvest Wood Art Plaque, Ponda Baba (aka Walrusman) Arms Magnet set and the bronze-look Wise Monkey Lizards Desk Accessory sculpture. See the pics in the gallery for these great decor items which you can get at booth 2518 and also on the Regal Robot website Star Wars decor page during the show days.

EXCLUSIVE – IN PERSON ONLY – Available exclusively in-person at Star Wars Celebration booth 2518 and limited to just 83 pieces, our Max Rebo Concept Maquette Replica – Phil Tippett Signature Edition was developed with 3D scanning and hands-on access to the original maquette.  You can learn more about this maquette on this page.

Want to know more about all of these exclusives? Visit the Regal Robot news page for more details!

In addition to the above exclusives, we’re going to be showcasing Regal Robot’s new first-look at our upcoming Star Wars™ Archive Collection line, developed with high-resolution scanning and direct lineage to the original props from the films. Stop by the booth to see everything we’re revealing!

You can also find Tom on the following panels:

Thursday 2:30 pm on the Twin Suns Stage– STAR WARS COLLECTIBLES UPDATES WITH LUCASFILM’S BRIAN MERTEN – Don’t miss this panel for sneak peeks at upcoming products and giveaways from your favorite licensees!

Thursday 6pm on the Collector’s Stage– STAR WARS ORIGINAL PROPS AND COSTUMES – Tom joins Gus Lopez, Dave Mandel and the folks from Prop Store to discuss collecting and preserving original props and costumes used in production of the films we love!

Saturday 5pm on the Podcast Stage– STAR WARS REPLICAS PODCAST – Tom joins Gabe and Michael from the Star Wars Replicas channel to discuss making licensed StarWars prop replicas.

Sunday – 2 pm on the Twin Suns Stage – BEHIND THE SCENES – THE CREATURES OF RETURN OF THE JEDI – Movie monster fans won’t want to miss this in depth exploration of the Return of the Jedi’s aliens filled with rare pics and info! With special guest, Return of the Jedi creature maker, Kirk Thatcher along with Amy Ratcliffe, and Jason and Gabe from Blast Points Podcast.

Want to learn more about the panels? Visit the Regal news entry here.

And for live updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram…. and also check out the Regal Robot Facebook and Regal Robot Instagram accounts as well, for even more about our new custom character creations over there! Ad as always, be sure to visit the Regal Robot site to see all of our latest work!

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