Castle Themed Bedroom Foam Sculpted Decor

A castle themed bedroom for fans of fantasy, the renaissance or the medieval times!

An amazing castle themed bedroom conceived and fabricated by Richard Riley. It took an ordinary bedroom and turned it into something right out of the middle ages or a fantasy fairy tale fit for a prince or princess!  Though the elements in this themed bedroom look like real stone, the custom themed castle decorations were actually created in EPS foam.  The pieces were cut to shape, then textured and spray coated for durability and flame proofing.  Painting is always a key stage in theme room making and these pieces were all painted by hand with a highly realistic stone look.  We love using lots of layers of paint to give things a sense of age.  We want our themed rooms to look like movie sets or theme park rides, the places we draw our inspiration from!

While we did this theme in a bedroom, we could also see this working in a home theater or as an amazing themed child’s room. We can, of course, build other castle themed props too.  We could do a wall as more of a castle exterior, with turrets and bricks/stones and a drawbridge or maybe a faux moat? The possibilities and inspirations are endless!

And remember, while this sort of work is great for home theming, we can also do similar work for theme parks, offices (how about a castle themed lobby or waiting room to wow folks as they enter your office?) or retail locations… even marketing campaigns, so think about what we can do for you, or better yet, call us and let us dream (and theme!) something up for you!

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