Carved Foam Statue Head

A giant foam prop statue head made for a stage production.

This giant carved foam prop statue head was created for a stage production. We created sketches for the production who then chose the direction and we started to carve!  The foam began as a single, six foot long block.  We transferred our design to the face of it and then the foam block was carved by hand by sculptors Steve Richter and Tom Spina.  They carved the foam with hand rasps and hot wire tools until it took the shape of an aged stone looking sculpture. The finalized foam prop statue head was then spray hard coated for durability during the production.  After which, the prop was realistically painted and heavily weathered with drips, stains and moss so it would look like aged stone and rock that had been sitting outdoors for generations.

We love created ancient looking faux stone foam props so if you want something to help your company stand out at your next event or trade show booth, or just want to theme out your home or home theater, you know who to call!

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