Custom Movie Themed Furniture – Galactic Throne

Movie themed furniture inspired by Star Wars AND Star Trek!

A custom crafted chair inspired by both the Emperor’s throne from Star Wars and Captain Kirk’s command chair from Star Trek. While this specific chair is no longer available for sale, we can custom-create movie themed furniture for your home theater, office or living room!  We draw inspiration from our client’s favorite films and we love creating one of a kind concepts and working with our clients to find the right theme and style for their custom furniture.  This custom, sci-fi inspired chair was crafted in metal & leather, and featured adjustable height & hidden wheels.  It was a heavy beast of a throne, suitable for an emperor but with the angled styling that may be preferred by the captain of a star ship!

If you’d like a custom themed piece of furniture or sculpture, please contact us!  Or, to order your own official Star Wars themed furniture and decor, including an all new version of the Emperor’s Throne from Return of the Jedi as an upholstered armchair, be sure to visit our sister site, Regal Robot!

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For official themed and even one of a kind Star Wars inspired desks, coffee tables, seating, art and more!

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