Themed Awards Table for the Star Wars Online Team

A custom faux stone awards table inspired by the Rebel ceremony, made to theme the Star Wars Online Team’s offices.

We’ve been lucky to create for the wonderful folks of the Star Wars Online Team at Lucasfilm many times over the years. You may know them for their weekly online broadcast, the Star Wars Show, where you may have seen our Gonk Droid costume, our themed t-shirt cannon, rebel and imperial paintball blasters… or even Tom himself being interviewed!  The multi-award winning team had a unique need… a special awards table to showcase all of their trophies and accolades!

As with any themed furniture creation, we started with learning about the client’s space and needs. We discussed with them the location this themed table would be occupying, talked about how it would be used and the overall theme. We worked with measurements provided and created a piece that actually covered an existing “normal” cabinet that they had, allowing them to maintain additional storage within.

When it came to the theme, well, it had to be Star Wars! When it comes to awards though, it’s hard to beat the Rebel ceremony scene from the end of 1977’s A New Hope.  We looked at the Rebels’ base in the Massassi Temple on Yavin 4 as a great bit of inspiration. After sketching a few ways, we came to a design that used the slightly angled stone pillars and ivy, with a bit of the steps from the ceremony scene, and a rebel insignia on the front to bring it all together.

The piece was carved from large pieces of EPS rigid foam, and hard coated with polyurea spray coating for a durable surface with a stone texture. We added layers of movie style aging and distressing in the paint to create a realistic stone look, and imitation ivy was the final touch to tie it all together.

It’s always exciting for us to create pieces inspired by the Star Wars universe, and even more so when it’s for our friends in the Star Wars Online Team. We can’t wait to create for them again someday soon1!  Be sure to see our other themed furniture and decor and drop us a line if you’d like to talk about making one of a kind art for your home or office!

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