Giant Robot Arm Prop Mech Conference Table

A custom themed table made with a giant robot arm prop below!

Inspired by the theme and style of the movie Pacific Rim, this giant robot arm prop is actually a mech styled conference table that will get folks talking at the next board meeting!  When our client called asking if we could make a giant Jaeger-style robot arm as a custom conference table, we knew we were just the folks to bring his idea to life!

After concepts were drawn up for the robot themed custom furniture, the client chose a look and Richard Riley led our prop build. He fabricated the entire robot arm prop from foam, plastic, wood and metal.  The result is a custom themed conference table like no other!

The three piece glass table top is mounted upon custom metal frames, allowing the sections to be used independently or together.  This allowed them to be moved around for various purposes and helped keep the budget of fabricating the robot arm prop in check (as it does not support the glass directly).  Credits: Design by Tom Spina, Rich Riley & Robotoki, Inc., foam and prop fabrication by Richard Riley.  While we created this for an office, this sort of themed prop could be made for to wow folks with a retail store window display, or create ambience at a theme park.  We’ve even made foam props like this for people’s home theaters and houses!  We’re only limited by imagination!

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