Mummy Tomb Coffee Table Concept for Custom Furniture

A mummy tomb coffee table concept for classic monster custom furniture!

Our Egyptian Sarcophagus Coffee Table concept.  We did this quick design as a sample of the custom furniture we can create for your home theater, office or business. The mummy tomb coffee table harkens back to times of adventure when Egyptology gripped the world!  It also brings to mind the classic monster movies we all know and love.  This custom coffee table design is topped with glass and has the look of ancient stone.  It would actually be crafted from a hand carved foam, like a movie prop would.  The foam would be hard coated and then painted in an aged stone look.  We could also see doing a version of this idea as a desk or even a dining room table for the really adventurous home theming fans!

Within the glass-topped faux stone table (which we’d make from hand carved foam) would rest a realistic mummy statue!  The whole piece would be weathered and aged, filled with sand in the nooks and crannies.  The outside would have Egyptian hieroglyphics painted and carved in to give this piece the look of a recently discovered bit of history!

We can take your favorite movie genres and themes and custom sculpt them into something to make your home theater or office stand out!  We can make coffee tables and side tables, desks and bars, custom seating or just interesting three-dimensional wall art.  Whether it’s mummy furniture like this table, or something more sci-fi, we can make movie themed props, custom furniture or characters for trade shows, photo-ops, home cinemas, marketing campaigns, offices or your museum or business!

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