Star Wars Faux Rock Boba Fett Themed Coffee Table

A custom Boba Fett themed coffee table with a subtle surprise.

Star Wars and Boba Fett costume fans may notice something familiar in this foam carved rock formation…. a Bantha Skull?  Mythosaur? “That-logo-thing-on-Boba-Fett’s-costume-shoulder-armor”?  Our one of a kind Boba Fett themed coffee table features a “stealth geek” element, something we love to create.

Our client was a die hard Boba Fett and bounty hunter fan and he wanted a custom themed coffee table for his man cave. We wanted to create something that was a unique piece of sculptural furniture (first and foremost) but with a bit of Star Wars inspired theming that would be noticed by real fans.

The result is the custom coffee table seen here, hand carved by Tom in foam and topped with a custom glass table top.  It was based on his initial sketch and then hard coated and painted.  Even the glass is custom and the shape draws inspiration from the same movie costume element in which the skull logo is found.  We love creating foam sculptures and interesting coffee and side tables like this one!  If you’re a true geek who wants something completely unique for your man cave or home theater, you know who to call!

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