Stone Throne Custom Sculpted Chair

The Stone Throne – a bit more ancient than game of thrones!

This faux stone throne is a hand carved foam chair with the realistic look of stone!  It’s not just a chair, but a piece of custom furniture art. Just the sort of thing for a themed room, home theater or retail space. Made by sculptor Richard Riley, this theme prop harkens back beyond medieval times to days of stone tools and cave men (or maybe even into a distant future planet of apes?)

Like other functional art pieces we create, this foam carved prop is sculpted completely by hand and hard coated for durability.  The custom chiseled looking chair was then carefully painted with a unique finish using multiple layers of paint to give the appearance of aged stone.  A piece like this would be great for a photo-op, scenic setup, or trade show.

We can take your favorite movie themes and custom sculpt something to make your home theater or office stand out!  We can make desks and bars, coffee tables, custom seating (like this one!) or just interesting three dimensional wall art.  Whether it’s something from the age of cave men or of apes, or something more sci-fi, we can make movie themed props, custom furniture or characters for trade shows, photo-ops, home cinemas, marketing campaigns, offices or your museum or your business!

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