Foam Prop Thrones for Under Armor All-American Game

Giant Foam Prop Thrones Made for the Under Armour All-American Football Game in 2019

We fabricated this pair of giant foam prop thrones for the Under Armor All-American Game. Each of the two giant thrones was over 8 feet tall and over 10 feet wide. We made one for each end zone in the annual football event that celebrates the best in High School football.

We worked with the client to create shapes that were eye-catching and unique, but also able to be produced on their timeline and within their budget. We presented a number of choices and with their input, we chose one and dialed in to find the right look and function for their needs. The angular shapes of the 10 foot wide thrones were hot-wire cut and designed in such a way that the pieces could break down to allow for transport.

These foam thrones were made from hard-coated EPS foam. The heavy-duty polyurea spray coating made these thrones football player tough! They were made to sit in the end zones and give the players something to interact with when they celebrated scoring a touch down in the game. We painted each prop throne in very neutral colors. They almost look like cement castings but that allowed for graphics to be wrapped or projected onto each throne.

The client added graphic wraps to one and the other had full-motion 3D projected graphics that were amazing. The projected animated graphics really popped when projected on the neutral paint of the thrones. Check out the video below to see the graphics in motion over our foam props.

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