Crystal Event Props for Music Festival

Hand carved crystal event props for an outdoor musical festival photo op

Our client was looking create a one of a kind photo op for a music festival they were hosting. They wanted to create a “crystal garden” and asked us to create several huge crystal event props which we fabricated to become a photo-op at their show.

 We started by sketching out concepts for these large scale foam props and worked together with the client to ensure that the final crystal sculptures would fit within the even space and stay within their target budget. When working on a custom project like this it is crucial for us to keep our clients in the loop to make sure that everyone is on the same page from begining to end.

Richard Riley was our lead foam fabricator on the project and cut EPS foam to create the giant crystal shapes. The foam pieces were then grouped into four formations, each based on a sketch. When the sculpting was complete, we hard coated the foam with a plastic-like material called polyurea, which gives the usually fragile styrofoam a more sturdy surface, perfect for a photo prop which would be outside and receiving a lot of interaction from the public.

The coated foam props were given a paint treatment of silver metallic finish paint, with sprayed color accents to give the impression of a color shifting crystal. As these needed to be crated and shipped to the event, each crystal formation has a green toned base and the individual crystals simply screw in place.

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