Statue of Liberty Torch trade Show Prop

A custom, carved foam Statue of Liberty torch prop for a trade show booth, complete with a custom light up version of a company logo.

After seeing the 20+ foot tall Statue of Liberty bust that we made for the Governor’s Ball Music Festival, a client looking to have a similar piece created for a trade show reached out to us. They wanted a Statue of Liberty torch prop that incorporated their company’s logo, for a corporate event at the show.

Before any work on the sculpture began, we discussed in great depth all of the details and their needs for the foam sculpture. There are usually a few ways to create any given prop, and things like timeline, budget and durability (or other) needs for the sculpture are all considered before coming up with a final plan and costs.

This Statue of Liberty foam prop was made on a fairly tight timeline, though we did the carved the details of the torch and hand by…well hand! We do a lot of our foam work by hand, and our artists have years of experience creating all sorts of sculpture and props, in any size! We had the railing that runs around the top of the prop torch laser cut in plastic to give it a very crisp edge. Once the pieces were carved everything was assembled and given a base coat of Lady Liberty’s signature aged copper green color. The large event prop was also given a little bit of distressing to give it a more realistic look. We finished the torch with a light up version of the company’s logo in place of the flame and with that, it was ready to take the stage at their corporate event!

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