foam trade show booth prop mountain rocks

A large foam trade show booth prop mountain for Ecoxgear!

We teamed with our friends at White Room Artifacts once again to build this very cool foam trade show booth prop mountain sculpture. The rock prop was hand carved and textured from white bead foam (aka EPS or Styrofoam) and then hard coated for durability.  The resulting foam sculpture looks like a realistic scaled mountain!  The foam mountain prop was designed to fit a functional TV monitor and working amplifier to display and showcase Ecoxgear’s line of waterproof speakers.

We love making organic rock and ice shapes for use as furniture.  The idea of created “shelves” from foam faux stone and rock and mixing the organic (carved stone) with the technical (LED monitors and speakers) is a really cool exercise in contrast.  In this case, our foam trade show booth prop mountain was home to an LED monitor and the rock ledges and cliffs made shelves to support the client’s product for display.  In addition to trade-show exhibits, this sort of scenic shelving could be created for a holiday display (imagine a frozen snowy mountain with shelves for animated Christmas figures) or as wonderfully unique themed home decor to display your collection of… well, whatever it is you collect!  Just imagine an entire man cave done up like this!

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